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its really bursting at the seams...

just random thoughts... i guess... =\

melissa anthony kicks way more ass than you do. nina marie is so much cooler than you are. i love jordan hanley more than i love anyone else. something corporate is sold out. ticket master sucks my cockkkk. nina slept over for new years, it was funish? i like you a lot. mortal kombat is my favorite game. i need you so much closer. i had spaghetti before. nina had ham [finally]. we hung out with gabe yesturday and today. he didnt believe that we would wait on his porch for him to finish eating dinner. we did. i need to find a new concert for my birthday. i wish taking back sunday has another show around here. i want to talk to shea. and dana. it really annoys me when people bash hanson. i need to stop thinking im the only one with problems. i should stop being so concieted. i took lots of pictures of nina and gabe. ill put them here eventually. eventually. i wonder what jenna bittows lj is. gabe is not as hot as he thinks he is. my birthday is soon. i hope its rad. i need to listen to something besides Death Cab and Hanson. i hope 2005 is a lot better than 2004 was. 2004 wasnt really that bad. i wish a lot didnt happen though. i really miss peter. i need to remember that ITS OVER. i lost 9 pounds from not eating. thats so not healthy. IM DEBATING WHETHER TO MAKE THIS FRIENDS ONLY OR NOT. im thirsty. im out like the black on michael jackson. that was really old and really corny.

this update makes you so jealous.

so this is the new year.
and i don't feel any different.
the clanking of crystal
explosions off in the distance

so this is the new year
and I have no resolutions
for self assigned penance
for problems with easy solutions

so everybody put your best suit or dress on
let's make believe that we are wealthy for just this once
lighting firecrackers off on the front lawn
as thirty dialogues bleed into one

i wish the world was flat like the old days
then i could travel just by folding a map
no more airplanes, or speedtrains, or freeways
there'd be no distance that can hold us back.

there'd be no distance that could hold us back
there'd be no distance that could hold us back
there'd be no distance that could hold us back

so this is the new year
so this is the new year
so this is the new year
so this is the new year

death cab for cutie is slow rocker love.

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