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okay ; so its time to brag..
everyone else is doing it..

red portable dvd player;
thongs and super cute underwear =];
cd player;
oneill pants;
tilt pants;
volcom shirt;
lilu shirt;
giraffe slippers;
picure printer;
a bunch of beach scene posters;
3 volcom [surf] posters;
bethany hamilton book;
a gold E necklace;
a shell necklace;
Surfer Magazine;
SG Magazine;
another magazine;
happy bunny pajama pants;
picture printer;
computer chair;
2 belts;
$125 for coconuts;
money so i can pay for part of my surfboard;
3 socks that i can trade with my friends
[lmao only something my family would understand];
umm im sure i got more..

my dads side of the family came over first which was ABS0LUTE torture. honestly, theyre nothing like my moms side. iont even consider most of my dads side my family. my 'cousins' are like 40 and iont even kno their names. and my brothers are just; LKSAHF. exactly. i sat in my room most of the time.
then we went to see my moms side =] mucho mucho fun =] i swear theyre amazing <333 sara and tyler got a puppy, shes adorable and we have like 10 pictures of her =] [they call her belle. i call her priscilla or something] soo yeh we just chilled with those cool cats for a few hours.
now im home ; and going to sleep like.. soon =]
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merry chirstmas my love .. sounds like u had a greAt christmas =] rele happy for youu l0l wel im out like wh0a x0O brittany `'
yep=] thenx=]
looks like emily had a good christmas yay for emily=]

hey em <33
uh.. yeh =]
emilys a loser because she listens to hanson


...does that make me a loser too?
yes dana. it makes you a bigger loser than me ;)
just beings as you know everything about them lol
dana sweatsocks is my idol ;)

...hey dad, tyler said happy birthday...




December 29 2004, 05:53:03 UTC 12 years ago

Am i on your dads side or moms? , i think moms , i have nooo clue. we're barely related but we like to think we are

haha , i dont think we'll ever find out.

ShEA //